AG Sessions Speaks to Conservative Christian Group – Christian Hating Leftists Lose Their Mind

Heaven forbid that a man might use his God-given rights to talk to a bunch of like-minded people. Seems like such criminal behavior, right? This is precisely what Attorney General Sessions did when he chose to speak to the Alliance Defending Freedom on July 11th.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization dedicated to the culling of religious people, conservative thinkers, and free speech advocates from society, has labeled them a hate group. However, SPLC’s understanding of hate speech seems to focus more on opponents of social issues rather than those who harm or kill. has taken it upon themselves to make a lot of assertions about what religious freedom is:

They exist to allow gay people, Muslim communities, people of color, and promiscuous women to be legally discriminated against and fired or evicted, to allow women to be denied crucial health services. Now, these laws exist to enforce an ideology of puritanical intolerance on everyone, and Trump and all of his cabinet members have made it exceptionally clear in their own ways that they’re on board.

Religious freedom has been under attack in America for years. The idea that someone might choose to worship has become offensive to liberals around the nation.

The left has such a tremendous desire to convince the public that elected officials should not hold any religious convictions. God or Government, they want our leaders to make a choice.

And I, the gay, black, agnostic conservative writing this article, remain disgusted by the way people of faith are treated in this country.

Even if they don’t personally agree with me, remaining vigilant in supporting the rights of religious people is fundamental to a true democracy. At the end of the day, the fight is greater than any one person.

It seems as if liberals have lost their collective minds when it comes to a persons closely held beliefs. The mainstream media fans the flames and the left jumps and dances around the fire. David Harsanyi elaborates perfectly on this in a 2016 The Federalist article:

Progressives regularly argue that the state should be empowered to take the role of church, instructing believers when they should set aside their faith. This is why editors and writers adorn the words religious freedom with quotation marks. “Religious liberty” becomes a scam, a phony ideal used by fake Christians to mask their true contempt for gays. This is the tone that’s embedded in most of the coverage.

This double standard of mocking people who believe in God and applauding those who do the mocking has led to a society of people who view religious liberty and religious freedom as relics of days gone by. Yet millions of Americans continue practicing their faith every day, even with death threats, slurs, discrimination in the workplace, and disrespect present at all times.

AG Sessions should never apologize for being who he is, for believing and practicing his faith. But when it comes to this administration, the left will use any excuse to make you feel less than human. The hypocrisy prevalent on the left is staggering, and to be frank, the American people can see through the bull.


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