6 Arrested as Environmental Protesters Raise ‘Resist’ Banner on Trump Tower Chicago

Six environmental protesters were arrested at Chicago’s Trump Tower on Friday afternoon after raising a ‘resist’ banner in protest of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate accord.

DNAInfo reports:

The 50-foot-by-35-foot Greenpeace banner included the word “resist” with an arrow that was designed to point to the large Trump sign affixed to the skyscraper. Greenpeace activists along the Chicago River and at the tower’s 16th floor terrace bar had attempted to hoist the banner so that it lined up with the Trump sign, but were arrested before they could, a Greenpeace spokesman said.

Police said six people had been arrested: four women and two men. Charges are pending, but will likely be for reckless conduct, a commander said at the scene. A spokesman for Trump Tower declined to comment.

Jason Schwartz, a New York-based spokesman for Greenpeace, said that the activist organization will be “relentless” in its demonstrations against the Trump administration as it makes environmental policy “expendable.”

The protest drew a pronounced police presence that included a police van, police boat and a slew of high-ranking police officers in white shirts.

In a statement broadcast on Facebook Live, Kelly Mitchell, climate and energy campaign director for Greenpeace, said, “We are here to call for an end to Trump’s disastrous policies that are hurting people and our planet.”

If these environmental whack jobs protested Al Gore who owns several mansions and flies around in private jets while making billions off of the climate change hoax, then maybe they would be taken a little bit more seriously.


These protests have nothing to do with the environment. This is just another hardcore leftist front group.

You can read the rest of the report here.


Photos: Dave Lee Matthews Twitter

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