WOW! Leaked Email Shows WaPo Writer Telling a Source to ‘Drop Dead’ When Confronted About His False Reporting on Project Veritas

James O’Keefe confronted Washington Post writer, Paul Farhi on Wednesday about his fake news article claiming Project Veritas didn’t disclose that the producer in the first video, John Bonifield was in Atlanta.

The Rebel Media reported an email exchange between O’Keefe and Farhi where O’Keefe says, “Paul, I’m going to give you one more chance, here are the two quotes:



“I’d like to introduce you to CNN supervising producer, John Bonefield in Atlanta”


“It also doesn’t disclose that he is in Atlanta – not in Washington or New York where most of CNN’s coverage of national affairs and politics are produced.”

The WaPo writer is reporting false information, yet refuses to make a correction.

Farhi also said that his editors have no correction/retraction on his story.

Farhi also told one source to “apologize or drop dead” when confronted about his fake news reporting.

Screenshot via Laura Loomer of Rebel Media:

Via Rebel Media:

Rebel Media has obtained “leaked emails” from “multiple high level sources” at Project Veritas that prove the Washington Post is materially misleading in its coverage of the recent bombshell revelations concerning CNN pushing fake news.

In a “leaked” email between Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi (see belowWashington Post’s absolute refusal to correct the record when confronted with clear cut evidence of a highly inaccurate statement is exposed.


Farhi tweeted at Project Veritas doubling down saying, “Sorry to disappoint you, folks. There is NO retraction coming. Your tweet appears to be fake news”:


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