Nancy Pelosi Claims She Is a ‘Master Legislator’ and ‘Politically Astute Leader’ (Video)

Nancy Pelosi is having a rough day . . . and it’s about time!

Her gaffes and failures are the stuff of legend and we’re just now seeing her crumble.

As TGP previously reported, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is facing doubts about her leadership of the House Democrats following the stinging defeat of Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District special election on Tuesday by Republican Karen Handel. 

Tim Ryan (D-OH) also appeared on CNN Wednesday evening to discuss the current state of the Democrat party after Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s 6th district. He brought up the ‘toxic brand’ of the Democrat party, Nancy Pelosi specifically.
The pile on continued Thursday as another Democrat Rep., Filemon Vela (D-TX) ripped Nancy Pelosi.

In today’s press conference, Pelosi addressed calls for her ousting and labeled herself a “target” in the process:

“So, you want me to sing my praises? Is that what you’re saying? Why should I? Well, I’m a – uh – um – master legislator, I am a, uh, strategic, politically astute leader, I am a – uh, uh, my, uh, uh – my leadership is recognized by many around the country and that is why I’m able to attract the support that I do, which is essential to our elections, sad to say.”

Pelosi stammered and struggled the whole way through, at one point she commented on . . . well, mostly nothing, but the incoherent ramblings are a bit concerning:

“I’m very pleased at the cooperation we’re doing working with all the, um, social media and small donor community to change how we communicate but also how we attract resources, intellectual and financial, uh, to the party. I have experience in winning the congress. When people said to us in ’05, ‘you don’t have a chance, be ready for a, uh, permanent Republican majority’, I said, Harry Reid and I said, ‘we don’t accept that’, so we proceeded, we took the president from 58 to 38, president Bush won the election. But the fact is, they will always make a target. Senator Reid was a target, Senator Daschle was a target, Tip O’Neill was a target, I am a target, and they always want to choose our leaders, and usually they go after the most effective leaders because they want to take us – diminish us – uh – the opportunity that we have. We have a Democratic caucus where members participate in the decisions and right now, the members are putting together our messaging as we go forward. I could have written something down on the page and said, ‘this is what I think”, but we don’t do things that way, we listen to members, we’re very proud of our, uh, policy and communications committee.”

Watch Pelosi make a fool of herself through yet another press conference in this excerpt:

You can watch the full press conference below:


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