WATCH: Ivanka Trump Talks Infrastructure and Changing the DC Status Quo

Monday, Ivanka Trump visited “Fox & Friends” for an exclusive interview where she talked about everything from James Comey to future plans.

When asked about what she thought emerged from the Comey hearing, Ivanka commented:

“Well, my father felt very vindicated in all the statements [Comey’s] been making and feels incredibly optimistic.”

She then went on to comment on the lack of attention given by the press to infrastructure week as well as what their focus was last week:

“While it didn’t get the level of headlines . . . Infrastructure week, [we focused] on the commitment to rebuild this country, rebuild rural locations, which have fallen into great disrepair, repair our waterways, air traffic control, so there were a series of very important and big and far reaching initiatives on infrastructure, this coming week is about workforce development.”

Watch part one of the interview below:

In part two, Ivanka discussed the Perkins Act:

“It’s all about skills based education and really making sure people have the technical skills to succeed in this modern economy, so we’re very excited and this is honestly what it’s all about. I mean, we moved down to Washington, we want to be helpful, we want to do big things, important things, and there’s nothing more important than enabling people.”

You can watch part two of the interview below:

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