VIDEO: British Firebrand Tommy Robinson Sues Police for Their Continued Harassment of His Family

Rebel Media’s Tommy Robinson is constantly under attack by folks who don’t understand him or what his message is and the police are also participating in targeted harassment.

Today, Robinson announced via video on his Facebook page, that he would be suing the police “for the continued harassment of [his] family”. He added: “Thank you for all those who have helped make this happen.”

In the video, Robinson describes a particularly disturbing scene wherein the police harassed both he and his family publicly:

“So, I was on this road. This is exactly where I was. I was taking my children to a fair over there . . . We go into this pub here, we come in to watch a Man[chester] United game, on a family day out, me, my three children, my two friends, and their children, it was at that point that twenty police officers, literally, twenty police officers turned up to begin their harassment and persecution.”

The video cuts to a scene wherein the police begin harassing Tommy and then turn to his kids, who he says “still have fears” because of the incident.

The police followed and harassed Robinson and his children for no reason, you can hear their cries in the background of the footage.

Robinson is one of the few Brits actively speaking out against the radical Islamic problem in their nation and elsewhere. Robinson made a career out of exposing the lies propagated by the mainstream media and others and woke a lot of people up to threat of radical Islam, but instead of being lauded as a hero for his people, they persecute him.

Watch the full video below:


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