Violent Left-Wing Antifa Thugs Gang Up on and Beat Trump Supporter in Seattle (VIDEO)

Seattle, WA – Trump supporters marched against (Islamic) Sharia law across the country on Saturday. Far left Antifa thugs came out to counter-protest because of course they support violence against women and the loss of basic human rights.

A Trump supporter was glitter bombed, sprayed with silly string and ganged up on as several Antifa terrorists beat him. He did walk away, however; his shirt was ripped and he was holding his head in pain.

Antifa should be designated as a terrorist organization. They do not lawfully assemble in protest. They always show up fully masked with weapons and violently attack men and women who simply share a different political opinion.


Why do police departments continue to allow masked protesters in public? Every time police have banned masks, Antifa stays home. One simple way of reducing this violence is to unmask Antifa.


Photo of Trump supporter after the brawl:

Video and photo credit: Mike Bivins

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