Violence in Portland – Dueling Trump Protests as Antifa Retreats, 14 People Arrested (VIDEOS)

Fascistic “Antifa” communists showed up in force to protest a pro-Trump demonstration put together by a group called Patriot Prayer in Portland, Oregon. Patriot Prayer ran their permitted protest on federally run Schrunk Plaza, while the counter protesters gathered in Chapman Square across the street.

The scene turned to violence as the *brave warriors*, clad in black, gang up 10-1 against one man as they beat him into the ground. Another man, wearing an apparently anti-Trump shirt featuring Trump making out with Putin, was also assaulted by the mask clad gang. Police nowhere to be seen as the victims stagger away and the perpetrators seem to get away with it scott free.

Later on, police declared the counter protest to be an “unlawful gathering”, and rushed the crowd, while launching flash bang grenades. Several folks in the crowd can be seen hurling projectiles at police.


The communists fled in retreat.

Police report that bricks and mortars were thrown at officers.

The communists then began marching around the city. They were eventually “kettled” by police, where the riot squads move in from all angles. Bystanders and media were caught up in the kettle, which is a tactic that Portland police have employed several times in the past.

Police often use the kettle tactic to identify those who were engaging in criminal and violent activity prior in the day.

In all 14 people were arrested.


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