Viktor Orbán: Europe’s Borders Can Be Secured – Follow Hungary’s Example

We were the first to prove that the mass population movement can be stopped


Heroes’ Square, Budapest – In a speech to over 1,200 new recruits to his country’s border patrol agency, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, declared this week that mass migration, ‘’thought to be unstoppable can indeed be stopped and can be turned back’’, Hungary being the prime example.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants entered the country in late 2015, as a steady flow of humanity arrived along what quickly became known as the Western Balkans migrant route.

Orbán infuriated EU counterparts and open borders globalists by constructing a razor wire fence along the length of his country’s southern frontier with Serbia and Croatia.

A second “smart” fence, completed in April this year, added night vision cameras, heat and motion sensors and audio-systems relaying warnings in five different languages.

A new force of ‘’border hunters’’ was also quickly organized, tasked with defending the nation’s borders and preventing illegal entry into the national territory.


We were the first to prove that the mass population movement can be stopped



We were the first to prove that the mass population movement can be stopped


‘’We have been the first to demonstrate that we will not be forced to accommodate masses of people whose identities and intentions are completely unknown to us’’, Orbán declared, stating that a nation’s fate must be decided by its people and not ‘’in some distant center of empire’’, a reference to EU capital, Brussels.

If it had not been for the actions taken to secure the country’s borders, hundreds of thousands would still be pouring in, the prime minister told the young recruits.

Hungary had done what “common sense and history dictated – it blocked the influx”, Orbán declared, adding that it had not waited for others and did not back down in the face of criticism. Rather, the nation had defended itself.

‘’When at its peak, the migrant invasion bore down heavily on us. We did not raise our hands in surrender, we did not complain, we did not wait for others, we did not look for excuses, and we were not afraid that others would denigrate and criticize us. Instead we organized our defense – we erected a fence, we introduced a legislative border barrier, and we supplied sufficient numbers of well-trained border guards.’’

Without border defenses, without ‘’brave men and women’’ to guard the frontier, Orbán reminded those taking the oath, there could be no prosperity, no security, no order, and no progress.

‘’All we would have would be uncertainty, fear, chaos, anger, and trucks driving into crowds of people’’, the Hungarian leader warned, alluding to the precarious and worsening security situation suffered by western neighbors which had failed to take similar actions.

No stranger to controversy, Orbán clashed with French president, Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday, at a summit of EU leaders in Brussels. Without naming names, Macron had chastised Central and Eastern European countries in a press interview for their ”cynical approach” to the EU, seeing it as a ”supermarket” whilst displaying ”a lack of solidarity” in accepting migrants.

In reply, Orbán described ”new boy” Macron’s first EU appearance as ”not very encouraging”, accusing him of kicking Central European countries rather than working to achieve common goals.

The EU is currently taking legal action against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for refusing to accept migrants.

In finishing, his speech to the young recruits in Heroes’ Square, Orbán struck a patriotic tone;

‘’Hungary can be a strong and courageous European country because it has young people who have chosen as their calling the protection of the motherland. Thank you. And we also thank the families, the mothers and fathers and the grandparents who raised you to enlist in the service of your country here today, in the square of the heroes of the Hungarian nation. Hungary depends upon you, and you can also depend upon the Hungarian government. Be brave and resolute. Guard over the sleep of millions of Hungarian families and European citizens. I wish you good fortune, effective service, and good comradeship. God bless you!’’



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