VIDEO=> Trump Supporters BLAST PATRIOTIC MUSIC at Open Borders Concert at Mexican Border

On Saturday a group of open border advocates led by international socialists from Dresden, Germany organized an anti-Trump protest concert on the border with Mexico.

Trump supporters met them on the US side of the border and BLASTED Patriotic songs across the border to drown out the leftists.

Here is video of the counter protest by a group of patriots. The sound of our bullhorns is clearly heard and patriotic music.

The organizer of the concert was Markus Rindt, of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra in Dresden. Another purpose of this concert — and perhaps the most important — was to create controversy in order to generate free publicity for the the orchestra.

Rindt’s initial plan was to have flash mobs protest all along the 2,000 mile border.
This did not happen.


Instead there was a small concert on the Mexican side of the border.

The 10 patriots on the US side, many retired and carrying signs and equipment, had to walk three miles round-trip to reach the protest site, because the main road was still closed due to recent flooding.
They blasted patriotic songs on loud speakers and set off sirens during the protest concert.

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