Video of Laura Loomer’s Backstage Arrest After Her Brave Stand for Trump (Video)

Laura Loomer was arrested after interrupting a production of “Julius Caesar” that depicted the violent stabbing of President Donald Trump. She rushed the stage shouting “stop the normalization of violence against the Right”. Here is the video, released by the Rebel Media, of her arrest immediately following the incident on stage.

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Via the Rebel Media:


At the moment when Trump was being gleefully murdered — an applause moment for America’s left-wing entertainment elites — Laura jumped on stage and condemned the play for normalizing political violence.

Laura was arrested held by police. The theatre company, by contrast, continues to produce their snuff show, glamorizing and normalizing violent terrorism in America.

UPDATE: Laura has been freed from jail. She is facing two charges: trespassing and disorderly conduct. We will fight those charges vigorously in court. “


The unsettling scene depicts a young Jewish women getting arrested for supporting the President by interrupting the ritual stabbing of President Trump on stage.

While the Right’s idea of free speech is holding factual, informative lectures on university campuses with the intent to educate, the Left’s idea of free speech involves decapitation and repeated stabbing of the leader of the free world.

Hopefully Ms. Loomers example will inspire others to speak out against the normalized violence of the Left against those whom disagree with them. Non- violent civil disobedience, exemplified by Ms. Loomers charge on stage, is the right way to call out the Left on their violent and hypocritical rhetoric.

Laura Loomer has since been released from jail, and you can  help with her legal fees by donating here.


** Laura Loomer needs our help: Please Donate here at WeSearchr **

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