Vice Retracts Two Trump Articles That Alleged Controversy Over Disney World Hall of Presidents Exhibit

Vice retracted two articles that alleged serious problems between Disney and the Trump administration about an animatronic robot display of President Donald Trump that is scheduled to be added to the Disney World Hall of Presidents exhibit, located in Orlando, Florida, later this year. A statement was posted to Vice’s Motherboard site.

Hall of Presidents, image via Disney with caption: “Behold all 44 U.S. Presidents on stage in a patriotic, Audio-Animatronics show tracing the history of the United States. The Hall of Presidents is currently closed for refurbishment.”

A Note from Motherboard Editorial

After a thorough investigation into the sourcing of two stories, “Here’s the Secret Backstage Trump Drama at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents” and “Behind the Scenes of Disney’s Donald Trump ‘Hall of Presidents’ Installation”, and the identification of several factual errors, we have decided to retract both pieces. We are conducting a full editorial review to pinpoint how this source was vetted, and how these stories were approved and published in violation of our usual editorial workflow. We fell short of our standards, and regret the error.

June 28, 2017″

Vice’s statement was first reported by Variety:

The Motherboard story published on Monday, June 26, alleged that there was internal debate about whether Trump’s animatronic figure would be speaking in the exhibit. That led Disney Parks to issue a statement that Trump will in fact be represented in the Hall of Presidents with a speaking role. The earlier Motherboard story, “Here’s the Secret Backstage Trump Drama at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents,” was published May 19.

The Vice retraction comes days after three CNN staffers resigned after an article was retracted that alleged collusion between Russians and a Trump campaign advisor.

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