UPDATE: Additional Footage Reveals CNN Staging #FakeNews Muslim ‘Anti-Terror’ Protest

After CNN was caught staging a protest featuring Muslims “condemning” terror, they vehemently denied doing this and have since been proven to be liars.

Below is the video of the event that was widely distributed:

Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted this out and was attacked immediately by CNN who claimed this footage is mislabeled and doesn’t represent what really happened:

Below is footage from Claire Jordan who was on scene and commented that the Muslims brought in to the scene were “taking selfies, none of them have got flowers.”


Beyond this, she indicates that she “was there just before” and says that “you see, again, this is the group of women and the little boy, they’re just getting their posters now.”

Everything was expertly staged and this follow-up footage corroborates the original claim:

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