Ummmm… Are You Kidding? Another #NeverTrumper Is Now A Senior State Department Official

R.C. Hammond, a former political strategy, and communications advisor was just awarded a senior appointment for public affairs at the Department of State under Rex Tillerson.  Only one problem, Hammond worked in continuous opposition to, previous nominee, Donald J. Trump. Hammond made a (prior) career taking to Twitter to bash Trump and even passively threatened to move to Canada if Trump was even considered the nominee!

The morning of Super Tuesday, Hammond was quick to tweet out, “is Super Tuesday the day the music died? #vote #NotTrump.” Trump went on to crush the polls, winning several states that day.

It seems against the interests of the country, more directly, the administration to award officials with high-ranking positions for not even just being unloyal, but tirelessly working to keep a major nominee from succeeding, a nominee who would go on to succeed to the presidency itself. More from Hammond’s Twitter:


More via Daily Caller:

Hammond had a habit of live-tweeting GOP debates with heavy criticism of Trump.

Trump said during the Feb. 25 debate that he can’t release his tax returns as he is under audit, and Hammond tweeted, “Oh Donald, Turbo tax offers audit protection for this very reason.”

“Did we just see coordinated comedy, Cruz and Rubio?” Hammond again asked his twitter followers. “I am enjoying Ted talking to Donald like he is a child having a tantrum.”

He also claimed during the September 2015 debate on CNN that “resting duck face is not a good look for Trump although, it is better than Romney’s Cheshire Cat smile.”

Hammond is the second key State Department official with a known anti-Trump past. Brian Hook, the director of policy planning, told Politico in 2016, “Even if you say you support him as the nominee, you go down the list of [Trump’s] positions and you see you disagree on every one.”

Negative comments about Trump reportedly kept Elliot Abrams from becoming deputy secretary of state. Hammond did not respond to an inquiry asking whether he still feels the same way about Trump. His Twitter feed is now supportive of the president.

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