TRUMP: COMEY IS A LEAKER – I’m 100% Willing to Testify Under Oath (VIDEO)

Washington D.C. – President Trump took some questions from reporters on Friday from the Rose Garden at the White House.  

President Trump called on a reporter and jokingly told him to be fair to him. The reporter asked Trump if he would be willing to speak under oath to give his version of his conversations with Comey. Trump responded, “100% .”

Via Fox News:


President Donald Trump says he would “100 percent” be willing to testify under oath that he did not ask former FBI Director James Comey to pledge his loyalty or to end the FBI’s investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Comey testified that Trump asked him for his loyalty and asked him to end the Flynn probe.

“No, I didn’t say that,” Trump said at a press conference at the White House on Friday.

When asked if he would testify under oath with special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump confirmed he would.

“100 percent … I would be glad to tell him exactly what I told you,” Trump said.



H/T Josh Caplan

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