Tommy Robinson Eviscerates Piers Morgan on Muslim Religion During UK Morning Show

Earlier this week in the UK, Piers Morgan accused former Defence League Leader Tommy Robinson of “sounding like a bigoted lunatic”, during an interview on Good Morning Britain. Robinson responded with facts, rationality and, in an unexpected twist, Piers’ own words.

Robinson, holding up a copy of the Koran, quoted former Prime Minister William Gladstone who said, “As long as there is this book [the Koran], there will be no peace in the world.”

In response, Piers launched a trademark, pseudo-intellectual berating, telling Robinson to, “Show some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs.”  Robinson, however, was prepared for this hypocritical attack and countered by using Piers’ own words against him by simply asking, “Like Scientology?”


Robinson referenced an article written in 2015 by Piers Morgan titled in part, “Tom Cruise must ditch the vile cult of Scientology NOW”.  In the article, Piers paints Scientology as vicious and evil.

To many observers, Robinson won the exchange as soon as Piers resorted to grade school bullying tactics like talking over Robinson and name calling.

hat tip Truth Told

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