Today Was a Homerun For POTUS – Even #NeverTrumpers Admit It

Ben Shapiro offered up some quality public advice today on Twitter to the President following the Comey hearing.

He opens by saying that “getting into a direct credibility battle with Comey is foolish for Trump. Here’s his best defense”:

Shapiro opens by having Trump say something along the lines of “I didn’t collude with Russia. I am not under investigation, and Comey now admits that, though he wouldn’t before” and “I didn’t obstruct any investigation”:

He continues, saying “Comey admits I never tried to obstruct the Russia investigation. My Flynn comments didn’t impede any investigation, as Comey admits” following that up with “even Comey wouldn’t claim obstruction, because if he thought there was obstruction, he would have quit”:


Shapiro then elaborates on how frustrating it must be to Trump to constantly have his name slandered and lied about by the liberal press.

Twitter is frequently the President’s best outlet to get a message out quickly and without the filtration of the enemies within the White House, “I’ve said some ill-advised things out of frustration that people are accusing me of things I didn’t do” following that up with “I’m not interested in protecting Mike Flynn if he’s guilty of something. Even Comey says I wasn’t trying to obstruct Flynn/Russia”:

Shapiro then brings up Flynn’s phone calls and the real reason for his firing, and the fact that everyone and their mother on The Hill are attempting to keep him from making progress, which to a guy like President Trump must be the most frustrating thing.

“And as far as Flynn’s phone calls, he didn’t do anything wrong outside of lying to Mike Pence about it, which is why I fired him” and “I know that I should have had patience with the process, but I’m not by nature a patient man. That’s an upside and a downside”, but Trump is about progress, not stagnation:

Shapiro ends his commentary by bringing up two of Trump’s major virtues, his will to get stuff done and his will to help the American people.

“I want to get stuff done, and get frustrated when I can’t. But calling my actions obstruction – with no underlying crime! – is gross”, “so let’s get back to work. I’ll try to contain my impatience. And everyone else should try to focus on helping me help Americans”:

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