SHOCK VIDEO: Woman 4 Months Pregnant Caught Up In High School Graduation Brawl

A group of people began brawling at a Long Island high school graduation; the woman at the center of the fight is 4 months pregnant.

Sunday, 21-year-old Bianca Bouchard, 15 weeks pregnant, was kicked, bashed, and beaten outside of William Floyd High School in Brookhaven. You can see Bouchard covered in blood toward the end of the video.

Watch the footage below: (content warning)

Bouchard commented to the New York Post:

“My head is sore, but I’m fine,” said Bouchard, who only suffered a scratch to the back of her head. She said she doesn’t know the woman who kicked her, but said the brawl was a family feud that initially started on Facebook between her 15-year-old sister and another relative through marriage.

“My sister fought one of the girls who was graduating,” she said. “We always got along. My sister and the other girl had been going back and forth on Facebook.”

Bouchard got caught up in the mayhem after trying to defend her younger sister.

“It was crazy,” said Bouchard, who was at the ceremony for her sister’s boyfriend who had graduated.

“I didn’t feel like ruining anyone’s graduation. It did happen after [the graduation] was over and it just got crazy,” she said.


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