Roger Stone to Headline Sunday’s ‘Rally Against Political Violence’ Alongside Wintrich, Fairbanks, Cernovich and More

Sunday, the Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich and Big League Politics’ Cassandra Fairbanks will take the stage to call for an end to political violence.

Wintrich and Fairbanks, along with numerous other right-wing figures, continue to call for the end of political violence. What is most disturbing about all of this is the fact that the left, a group dedicated to the integration and globalization of humankind, continue to call for prolonged violence and attacks against right-wing figures. The necessity to remain levelheaded and not stoop to their incredible lack of empathy is paramount at this point in time . . .

In that spirit, Cassandra will serve as Lucian’s backup at the speech Sunday and will help make sure all the relevant points are brought up and explained without any room margin of error.

This Sunday’s Rally Against Political Violence will feature everyone from Mike Cernovich, to Jack Posobiec, to Roger Stone, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the #MAGA excitement.


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