REPORT: Muslim Savages Kill Civilians Attempting to Flee Islamic State Controlled Mosul Neighborhood

Dozens of bodies of civilians line the streets of an Islamic State-controlled neighborhood in Mosul.

The neighborhood is very close to the frontline with the Iraqi forces and those attempting to flee have been taken out by Islamic State fighters over the past two days.

The bodies of men, women, and children lie alongside their belongings and bags, which are scattered about the road that leads out of the Zanjili district. The Zanjili district is one of the three districts still under Islamic State control in Mosul.

Reuters reports:


“Over the past two days ISIS has been shooting people escaping this area,” said Dave Eubank from the Free Burma Rangers relief association, referring to Islamic State, speaking from a building overlooking the frontline in Zanjili.

“I saw over 50 dead bodies yesterday, we worked with the Americans to get smoke and an Iraqi tank, and followed behind them and we rescued one little girl and one man,” he told Reuters. “But there are still more.”

Hundreds of others managed to reach the government lines, some wounded and some carrying apparently dead bodies in blankets, crying and shouting. A man carried an unconscious child.

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