REPORT: 1 in 4 EU Citizens ‘On Verge of Total Poverty’ as Leaders Open Continent to Third World Migrant Invasion (VIDEO)

Brussels could be facing a revolt, one in four people in the European Union live on the verge of poverty, thid world immigrants have invaded and Europe is now a continent without leadership.

One in four citizens living within the failing European Union project lives on the verge of total poverty. A number of EU “leaders” thought that French President Emmanuel Macron would somehow fix problems within the bloc. One wonders the EU leadership’s logic behind thinking that adding another spineless, greedy globalist would be effective in “resetting” anything.

The statistics that were revealed at the Brussels Economic Forum only showed the growing income inequality that somehow “shocked” the greedy bastards running the worst governmental system after communism (and associated ideologies).

They try to rationalize their success by looking at the fall in unemployment, yet a tenth of those who work make well below the poverty line. The EU leadership will continue importing unskilled and unneeded immigrant and refugee populations, despite this. The more ignorant and culturally disparate the group, the better to import in the eyes of the “kind-hearted” EU shills.


Look directly at Angela Merkel. She is the sun that everyone in the EU revolves around. Her unwillingness to address her countless and never-ending failures shows her pomposity. At this very moment, the UN refugee agency head is pleading with President Trump to reconsider cutting key funding, the global elites do not understand that refugees are abusing the system, that manyare not even refugees, that they are an invading class that is creating a fifth column within the EU society.

Western leadership – save for a few key figures like Trump, Farage, Netanyahu, Orban and figures like Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen – is either oblivious to the damage they are doing to the citizens of their nations, or they know and do not care.

The income inequality in Europe is a byproduct of faulty leadership. Socialism is not working, Europe. The wealthiest 20 percent in the EU earn five times as much as those that make up the bottom 20 percent of income.

According to statistics from the European Commission, one in ten full-time workers live in poverty. This is a side effect of Merkel. The young people in Europe are going to be hit the hardest. They are the most vulnerable to poverty and based on the way that Europe has brainwashed their youth into thinking that by tolerating and helping the Muslim invaders, they are going to become second-class citizens in a decade’s time.

It should not shock you to know that Germany’s rise in poverty was the largest among the top European nations. This is all thanks to Angela Merkel, a compliant media that does whatever is asked of them, and spineless leadership that partners with Islamic interests.

Europe is on the verge of a revolt, there will be a conflict that boils over into something far more frightening than simple income inequality and that conflict will look directly at European leadership.

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