Puerto Rican Governor: Trump to Block Statehood Because of Latino Population is a ‘False Narrative’ (VIDEO)

Tuesday, Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello disagreed with Rep. Luis Gutierrez who alleged that President Trump would block the territory from statehood because of its Latino population.

Governor Rossello commented to the Washington Examiner that he felt it was “a false narrative” adding “let’s just make it what this is: it’s a civil rights issue, it’s a democratic rights issue.”

Rossello also commented:

“Everybody knows that the U.S. is the third-largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world so this narrative about, you know, the U.S. not wanting a Latino state or a Hispanic state just doesn’t jibe with reality.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

Gutierrez, a progressive Democrat, issued a statement earlier this month ahead of Puerto Rico’s fifth nonbinding plebiscite for statehood that said the island’s Hispanic population would prevent it from being a state.

“The supporters of statehood are selling a fantasy that a Latino, Caribbean nation will be admitted as a state during the era of Donald Trump; that states, many of which supported Trump, will accept a Spanish-speaking state that will receive just as many senators and maybe even more House seats than they currently have,” Gutierrez said in a June 9 statement. “I do not point out Puerto Rico’s problems to denigrate my fellow Puerto Ricans, simply to point out the reality that what is being peddled by the supporters of statehood is a fantasy.”

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