Proud Boys Sal Cipolla & Jovi Val Need Our Help – Theater Protest Legal Defense Fund

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On Sunday, June 18, 2017, Sal Cipolla and Jovi Val, members of the patriotic Proud Boys fraternity, stormed the stage at Shakespeare in the Park’s now-notorious performance of “Julius Caesar”, and during his peaceful practice of free expression he was tackled by security guards.

The left is constantly fighting for their right to free expression but whenever the right exercises theirs they are hit with penalties, fines, and arrest.

Assassins and Antifa attempt to take our lives and harm us, and we are forced to sit back quietly because the artistic institutions, the media, and our educational institutions are projecting calls for violence.

We have had enough and our demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience should be taken as such and we should not be arrested for attempting to share the truth.

Sal and Jovi now face a court date and the precedent that his arrest sets is an important and frightening one.

All funds that are contributed to this bounty will be used for the legal defense of Proud Boy Sal Cipolla and financial assistance proceeding therefrom.

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