Professors at ‘Critical Race Theory’ Conference: ‘Diversity of Opinion’ Is ‘White Supremacist Bullsh*t’

Professors spewed racist, divisive bigotry at a conference hosted by “Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis” that specifically targeted the white race.

Professors called whiteness “inherently violent” and said that “diversity of opinion” is “white supremacist bullsh*t”. These professors are uneducated, obviously, and also completely narrow-minded while staying completely intellectually vapid.

The conference was held between May 31 and June 2, and was organized by the “Critical Race Studies in Education Association” (CRSEA), an organization with even more nonsense credo that hopes to bring together an “interdisciplinary consortium of experts who recognize global implications of race and education for minoritized people.” By the way, “minoritized” is not a generally accepted word and is another made up construct by race-baiting pseudo-intellectuals.

According to the website, these are the following goals of CRSEA:

“As a community, we are committed to (1) countering and combating systemic and structural racism with scholarship and praxis, (2) recognizing the multiple locations of oppression and the myriad manifestations and effects of their intersections and (3) co-constructing liberating knowledge that facilitates collective agency to transform schools and communities.”

Professor Michael Dumas, who spoke at the event, is quoted on Twitter as having said:

“Whiteness has already been constructed against blackness. There is no virtue in whiteness, it is inherently violent”

Another Dumas quote:

“Whiteness and the United States knows itself through the violence and death of the subordinated”

A third:

“There is no position of Whiteness [sic] that isn’t already violent! – Michael Dumas”

Professor David Stovall is quoted as having said the following:

“The term ‘diversity of opinion’ is white supremacist bullshit” and “white tears are an act of physical and political violence”

Professor James Sheurich is quoted as having said:

“Research is a colonial, white supremacist, elite process”

Campus Reform reports:

Berry explained to Campus Reform that the “notion of being ‘slapped into wokeness’ is one where an individual comes to gain [a] level of understanding about others’ oppression by experiencing oppression,” saying this is “especially true for those socially marginalized” people “who subscribe to respectability politics.”

“The proverbial ‘slap’ is the incident of marginalization,” she added. “The ‘wokeness’ is the realization that regardless of your privilege, marginalization can occur.”

One attendee, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago, concluded her time at the conference by noting that she’s “happy” since she managed to collect “a few white tears.”


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