Pro-Hillary Twitter Users RIP Clinton Over Prison Labor Excerpts from Her 1996 Book

A passage from Hillary’s 1996 book “It Takes a Village” resurfaced recently online and it stirred a number of lefties into a near conniption.

In the passage, Clinton recounts the longstanding tradition of using inmates as staff in the Arkansas governor’s mansion. A portion of the passage reads:

One unusual aspect of living in the Arkansas governor’s mansion was getting to know prison inmates who were assigned to work in the house and the yard. When we moved in, I was told that using prison labor at the governor’s mansion was a longstanding tradition, which kept down costs, and I was assured that the inmates were carefully screened. I was also told that onetime murderers were by far preferred security risks. The crimes of the convicted murderers who worked at the governor’s mansion usually involved a disagreement with someone they knew, often another young man in their neighborhood, or they had been companions who had killed someone in the course of committing another crime.

Twitter users roasted Hillary at the thought of her using prison labor:

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