POTUS Trump Blasts Loretta Lynch: She Gave Hillary a Free Pass and Protection ‘Totally Illegal!’

President Trump went on a fiery tweetstorm on Tuesday, ripping the fake news media, then blasted former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch for being a political protector of Hillary Clinton’s during the 2016 Presidential election.

President Trump ripped the fake news media in his first tweet Tuesday morning, saying, “The Fake News Media has never been so wrong or so dirty. Purposely incorrect stories and phony sources to meet their agenda of hate. Sad!”

Trump then went on to blast former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch after Circa News dropped their bombshell scoop about Comey’s confrontation with Lynch protecting Hillary Clinton. President Trump emphasized that what Loretta Lynch did is ‘Totally Illegal!’

Monday, TGP reported on a bombshell revelation by Circa News:

Fired FBI Director, James Comey had a SECOND meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch where he confronted her about her election interference.

According to the report, when confronted, Loretta Lynch stared at Comey with a ‘steely silence that lasted for some time’ before she asked him to leave her office.

During the conversation, Comey told lawmakers he confronted Lynch with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a communication between two political figures that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton.

Comey said “the attorney general looked at the document then looked up with a steely silence that lasted for some time, then asked him if he had any other business with her and if not that he should leave her office,” said one source who was briefed.

The wagons are circling around Loretta Lynch because even ultra liberal Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein is calling for an investigation into whether or not she tried to help Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

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