Report: ‘Discussion Draft’ of Healthcare Bill to Be Revealed Thursday (VIDEO)

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced on Tuesday that Republicans would see a discussion draft of the healthcare reform legislation on Thursday.

McConnell also declared that the press would get an opportunity to see the bill on Thursday. This addresses numerous concerns from the Democrat leadership that Republicans are keeping the bill secret.

McConnell stated at a press conference today:

“We’ve continued our discussions on the way forward on healthcare, as all of you know, because I’ve reported it weekly. For weeks now, we’ve been in intense discussions with all Republican senators, both in working groups that all members were free to come to if they chose to, and in the larger lunches that we have on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”

The fact that everybody is not fully involved in these discussions is a bit unsettling, and Republican leadership continues to be shaky on all grounds and continue to undermine the goals of the President knowingly and willingly.


McConnell continued:

“I expect to have a discussion draft on Thursday, and we will go to the bill, obviously once we get a CBO score . . . Likely next week.”

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