New TV Ad Ties Lunatic Liberal Kathy Griffin to Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia (VIDEO)

A new sad is playing in Georgia that ties liberal hack Kathy Griffin to Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

Ossoff is in a run-off election against Republican Karen Handel on June 20th. The ad ties liberal Jon Ossoff to violent and threatening Democrats.

Kathy Griffin is the latest Democrat who thinks it’s funny to threaten the president.

The Washington Times reported:

Comedian Kathy Griffin’s anti-Trump beheading “art” has worked its way into Georgia’s June 20 special election.

A battle between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District heated up this week with an Islamic State-like execution photo shoot by Ms. Griffin. A Republican super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund, released an ad Thursday tying Mr. Ossoff to his “celebrity supporter.”

“These angry liberals will go to any extreme to elect Jon Ossoff,” a narrator in the ad says. “There’s a reason 95 percent of Ossoff’s campaign donors are out-of-state liberals.”

The Ossoff campaign issued a statement demanding the ad, which airs in Atlanta, be taken down. CLF rebuffed the Democrat.

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