All You Need is Hate: Alyssa Milano Bars Ted Cruz From Twitter ‘Group Hug’

Liberal activist and actress Alyssa Milano, who vigorously campaigned for losing Democratic Party candidates Jon Ossoff and Rob Quist in 2017 special elections, excluded Sen. Ted Cruz from a cyber group hug on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Milano came to fame as a child star in the hit 1980s TV show “Who’s the Boss” and later co-starred in the hit TV show “Charmed.” Milano’s acting career has not caught fire since Charmed ended its eight-year run in 2006.

Alyssa Milano, image via Charmed Wiki.

Milano had posted her ‘group hug’ tweet Tuesday night minutes after retweeting a report that Ossoff had lost his Georgia Congressional race to Republican Karen Handel, writing, “GROUP HUG, get in.”

Ted Cruz responded at 1:55 p.m. EDT Thursday, tweeting, “We all need a hug!”

Milano tweeted right back at 2:04 p.m., “Not you, Ted Cruz. You’re not invited.”

Such is the state of liberalism in 2017: In six months liberals have gone from ‘Punch a Nazi’ to ‘Behead President Trump’, ‘Shoot a Congressman’ and now they’ll even deny the human comfort of a hug to Ted Cruz. For liberals, “all you need is love” has been replaced with “all you need is hate.” Sad.

(Note: Milano is not the first Charmed alum to go after Cruz on Twitter. In 2015 Rose McGowan attacked Cruz over a fake meme, writing, “You are blight on the soul of humanity. Get off of my planet…”)

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