MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Clinton Creating Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theories Without Evidence (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Hillary Clinton blamed the DNC and others for her shocking loss in November at a Recode convention.

Nobody was buying Hillary’s lies and crazed conspiracy theories, even her own party is turning on her. 

This did not go over well at the DNC.


The  former Director of Data Science at the DNC, Andrew Therriault, did not appreciate Hillary blaming the party for her loss.

Andrew Therriault posted a series of tweets after Hillary’s speech — “F*cking Bullsh*t!”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell even called out Hillary Clinton for ‘drawing a conspiracy theory without evidence’.

Andrea Mitchell: “She (Hillary) drilled down on the fake news, the role of Infowars and said it was very clear to her that there were Americans directing and colluding, conspiring really with the Russian hackers, with Guccifer, with the others who were involved in the hacking, the dropping of Wikileaks only an hour after the Access Hollywood tape was disclosed…

…and saying that they were doing so with such political sophistication. She’s basically pointing to the Trump campaign, saying that the dots are now being connected in the investigation. She mentioned Jared Kushner, she mentioned Bannon and Kellyanne Conway…

…She is drawing a conspiracy theory, she doesn’t have the evidence…”


VIDEO via Josh Caplan:

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