MSNBC Host Questions if Unarmed London Police Overreacted With Too Much Force (VIDEO)

MSNBC host Richard Lui sunk to new levels of delusion when he asked if London police can possibly apply too much force and overreact to terror attacks.

Reminder, the UK Police were UNARMED and ran from the stabbing terrorists while citizens threw chairs at them.

In case you were on the fence of whether liberalism is a mental disorder or not, this should convince you. Islamic terrorists plowed over and stabbed pedestrians, killing 7 people and injuring up to 45 more and this media sycophant is wondering if there’s a risk of unarmed police using too much force.


Richard Lui: “You’ve analyzed these incidents post-facto as well as during as you have so many times with me and others here on MSNBC and NBC News.

What is the risk–there’s certainly a risk of under reaction, but is there any risk of overreaction? Of deploying too much? You know as we’ve been watching all of this live coming in…

…Is there ever a point where you go well that’s too much, or you shouldn’t be applying that amount of force there?”

Jim Cavanaugh, NBC law enforcement analyst said, “the response cannot be too large.”

“Well in the city that’s experiencing the attacks–multiple attacks–really I don’t think the response can be too large.”

Little girls were targeted and killed last week in Manchester and more innocent civilians had their throats sliced by Muslims in a Ramadan terrorist attack and this guy wonders if there’s a risk of applying too much force? Unbelievable.



H/T Amber Athey of The Daily Caller

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