Migrants Hurl Rocks at Children’s Program in Park

You’re just going to love the new Europe!
Migrants in Sweden hurled rocks at a children’s program in a Malmo park
Fria Tider reported (translated):

Teenagers at the age of 20 attacked SVT’s Summer Law scene in Scania Park in Malmö on Sunday evening. The stones were thrown in the direction of, among other things, children why the police classified the event as causing danger to others, states the local newspaper…

…At 21 o’clock on Sunday night, a guardian discovered that a bunch of men in the 20s showed interest in the outbreak.

The guard said to the gang that they disappeared. But the young people had just hid a bush and started throwing stones.

“They threw stones against the guard, but also against curious children who were watching the scene,” says Lars Förstell, press officer at the police station at Lokaltidningen.

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