Media Sycophant Chuck Todd Interviews Bernie Sanders, Asks ZERO Questions About Him Being Under FBI Investigation (VIDEO)

NBC’s Chuck Todd interviewed Bernie Sanders for seven minutes on Sunday and asked him ZERO questions about him and his wife Jane Sanders being under FBI investigation for bank fraud.

As TGP previously reported, Socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane Sanders have lawyered up amid an FBI investigation into potential bank fraud. Media sycophant, Chuck Todd threw Bernie Sanders softballs and avoided asking him questions about his FBI investigation. 

Chuck Todd started out by asking Bernie Sanders if he regretted a tweet he sent out, “Thousands of people will die if the Republican health care bill is passed’.

Of course Bernie Sanders rambled on about 23 million people being thrown off of health care and how health care is a right for all people. Sanders also said that he will be pushing for a single payer medicare program.

Instead of asking Bernie Sanders about the FBI investigation into him and his wife for alleged bank fraud, Chuck Todd ignored the big pink elephant in the room and went on to ask Bernie Sanders about the current state of the Democrat party, “Why do you think Democrats lost that special election in Georgia last week?”

Bernie Sanders answered with the same demagoguery that fueled his presidential campaign. He has no real message, only empty talking points.

The mainstream media is pathetic. They don’t even try to hide their liberal bias anymore.

Video and H/T The Daily Caller

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