Maxine Waters Gets Wrecked! Booed Loudly, VEHICLE SURROUNDED as She Walks Out of Town Hall (VIDEO)

Trump supporters booed Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters as she left a town hall meeting. They also surrounded her vehicle calling her a racist and a hateful person.

Trump supporters were protesting Maxine Waters over the weekend during her town hall meeting. A black Trump supporter went NUCLEAR on Maxine Waters calling her a ‘black racist’ and said she ‘destroyed the black community by giving all the jobs to illegal immigrants’.

Maxine Waters got booed loudly as she exited her town hall meeting. Trump supporters, clad with bullhorns, were waving their middle fingers in the air yelling at Maxine Waters as they surrounded her vehicle. They were screaming, “Maxine’s gotta go!” “Get outta here!” “Racist!”




H/T Josh Caplan

Video credit: Grindall61 YouTube

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