Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson: Canadians Can Be Jailed For Using the Incorrect Gender Pronoun (VIDEO)

Conservative radio host and best selling author, Mark Steyn told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening that Canadians can be jailed or fined for using the incorrect gender pronoun. 

Mark Steyn: “Mis-gendering someone can have you embroiled in a human rights commission or in a criminal court and this isn’t hypothetical–somebody is already in trouble with a supposedly trans-friendly female gym where because one of the trans-women still had male private parts…and it was felt that with these particular parts she shouldn’t be strolling around in the communal shower–that trans-friendly gym is already in trouble.

What we are witnessing is an Orwellian assault on the most fundamental language–the language which defines the two sexes and Canada has just put itself on the side of criminalizing that.”

Of course Tucker Carlson was appalled by this as he tried to wrap his head around the absurdity of it all. We will never fully understand the left as liberalism is a mental disorder. The left has reached a point where they don’t even consider the safety of women anymore. Women are in direct danger when biological men are allowed to enter gyms and bathrooms where women can be alone and or nude.


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