MAGA! POTUS Tweets ‘We Need a TRAVEL BAN for Certain DANGEROUS Countries’

In the wake of the recent London terror attacks and the flurry of pro-Islam sentiments from oblivious liberals, now – more than ever – we need the proper restrictions put in place to protect our countrymen.

Earlier today, President Trump tweeted out our need for a travel ban following yet another Islamic terror attack on the West. London was under siege this weekend as Islamic terror swept across the once free city.


Of course the unhinged leftists attacked President Trump for his true leadership in such perilous times. In fact, the left showed more outrage over his tweets than the actual terror attack. Go figure!

President Trump is not one to back down to the PC police, so he tweeted AGAIN our need for a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries:


“That’s right, we need a TRAVEL BAN for certain DANGEROUS countries, not some politically correct term that won’t help us protect our people!”

You can view his tweet below:

In this sentiment, the President hits on two key points:

  1. A travel ban is necessary for certain dangerous countries. Dr. Sebastien Gorka breaks down this logic in a recent interview with Chris Cuomo – a CNN fake news promoter. In the interview, Gorka declares that Indonesia and Egypt represent both the most populous Muslim country and the most populous Arab country, and yet neither are implicated in the travel ban. Furthermore, the travel ban names seven countries that the Obama administration previously flagged prior to President Trump assuming office.
  2. Political correctness impedes upon a nation’s ability to protect its citizens because it safeguards individuals and people groups that are simply unique to the American demographics, and in that, simply because a people group, country, etc. dresses differently or behaves differently, this doesn’t excuse them from being criticized, that foolish logic is what keeps getting innocent Westerners killed. “Political correctness” is a Soviet term and every time you hear it, think about what the Soviet Union did to its own people and how you have to fight against this lie wrapped in arrogance.
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