LIBERAL MELTDOWN: Dem Senator Calls Conservatives on the Supreme Court ‘Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ (VIDEO)

The Supreme Court allowed most of President Trump’s travel ban to be reinstated before the court hears the case in October.

President Trump called the SCOTUS ruling a “clear victory for our national security”, however; Democrats think it’s the end of the world. Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) blasted Neil Gorsuch and called the three conservatives on the Supreme Court, the ‘three horsemen of the apocalypse’.

Mazie: “Neil Gorsuch who I did not support as a Supreme Court Justice, he’s joined two of the most conservative Justices, Clarence Thomas and Alito on the court to take the position that the entire injunction should have been lifted. This is like the three horsemen of the apocalypse and they’re waiting for the fourth one to come along so that they can go on there trend towards what I call extremism.”

Mazie is your typical unhinged liberal. She can’t handle the fact that the Democrats have lost power and she considers blocking dangerous terrorists from entering the United States ‘extreme’. This is why the Democrats keep losing. No where in the Constitution does it say that the U.S. needs to extend full Constitutional rights and or citizenship to non-citizens.

Mazie also called the travel ban a ‘Muslim ban’ which is a complete lie. There are many Muslim-majority countries that aren’t on the travel ban list. What should we expect from liberals? They’re liars by nature.

Video via NTK Network:

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