Liberal Logic Fail: Opting Out of Paris Accord is Racist?!

Many left wing media sources are connecting the President’s decision to opt out of the Paris Climate Accord with racism and racial consequences.

The mental gymnastics required in doing so are simply stunning.

President Trump saw the truth behind the climate agreement and decided that the financial commitment was not worth the marginal decreases in carbon emissions and global temperature. His decision had nothing to do with matters of race in the slightest. “As of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the nonbinding Paris accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country,” is Trumps official statement regarding the Paris Agreement.


The following magazines have made these ridiculous and confusing assertions (via Breitbart):

“Essence magazine said that Donald Trump had continued “his war on people of color in America” when he announced the United States would withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Blavity, a website that caters to people of color, said that Trump’s decision “will worsen environmental racism,” insisting that climate change is “inherently a black issue and not just a ‘human issue.’”

The Atlantic went so far as to suggest that environmental racism is “the new Jim Crow,” referring to laws that segregated blacks and whites in their use of public schools, public places, transportation, restrooms and restaurants.”


Blavity writer Dominic A. Williams tries hard to connect these dots with this convoluted explanation:

“If Climate Change persist (sic), and the world’s average temperature rises more than two degrees Celsius, it would mean widespread extinctions, changing weather patterns, droughts, strong storms, rising sea levels and consequently the disappearance of coastal cities, and a plethora of not yet realized consequences.”

He goes on to discuss the racial component of this;

“Environmental racism can be described as a lack of access to healthy environments and disproportionate exposure to pollutants. This means that predominantly black neighborhoods are more likely to suffer from polluted air and water than white neighborhoods.”

Mr. Williams is falsely equating the hypothetical passive consequences of climate change with simply not being able to financially afford reforms that are doomed to fail regardless. It is incredible how liberals bend over backwards to create this nonsense, and yet annoyingly unsurprising.

Meanwhile poor and middle class Americans, including blacks, are most hurt by the liberal green agenda that forces energy costs to necessarily skyrocket.
Hence, Donald Trump as president.

The following is a PragerU video explaining the true uselessness and waste of the Paris Climate accord:

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