Proud Conservative Woman Was Arrested Friday at Trump Assassination Play – Help Pay Her Legal Fees *HERE*

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Kathy Griffin beheads the President, Snoop Dogg shoots him, and acting on these influences, an assassin attempted to murder multiple of Republican congressmen.

The left is normalizing violence and one woman had enough of it.

She was disgusted by the continuous violent rhetoric that continues to get worse and worse and is finally spiraling out of control, coming to a head with Antifa and the latest shooting.

On Friday, June 16, 2017, Laura Loomer, a patriot activist and journalist, took the stage at Shakespeare in the Park’s performance of “Julius Caesar”, a performance where liberals applaud as President Trump’s assassination is shown in full bloody detail.

Laura was arrested for speaking out against this performance.

The left keeps calling President Trump a fascist dictator, but speaking out against assassinating a Democratically elected President apparently gets you arrested in New York City. Laura needs our help to pay her legal fees. We can not let a woman who dares to speak out against leftist violence be imprisoned for it.

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