Kim Jong Un in Hiding – Fears Osama Style Assassination Operation by US

US student Otto Warmbier, formerly held captive by North Korea that was released last week in a coma state, passed away today, according to his family.
Otto was 22 years old.

Since his death was announced North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un fears the US is planning an Osama bin Laden assassination operation against him.

The North Korean leader has gone into hiding since Warmbier’s death was announced.

NORTH Korea’s Kim Jong-un has gone into hiding over fears of a strike from the US decapitation squad after the death of American student Otto Warmbier.

The 22-year-old’s grieving family have blamed his death on “torturous” mistreatment at the hands of the dictator’s vicious regime during his 17-month detention in the hermit state.

Mr Warmbier was held in North Korea after attempting to steal a propaganda poster from a hotel and eventually returned home to Cincinnati in a coma, not able to understand language and had severe brain damage.

And now, South Korea intelligence reports suggest Kim Jong-un has gone into hiding after the announcement of Mr Warmbier’s death on Monday.

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