Kathy Griffin to Hold Press Conference Friday; Lawyer Claims Griffin a Victim of ‘Trump Family Bullying’

Comedian Kathy Griffin will hold a press conference Friday morning in Los Angeles where she will claim to be the victim of bullying by the Trump family, according to a press release by her attorney, Lisa Bloom. Griffin released a photo, in an homage to similar photos released by the Islamist terrorist group ISIS, of her holding a mock beheaded President Donald Trump by the bloody scalp.

Griffin’s controversial photo was first published by TMZ.

Bloom’s press release, which features color side-by-side photos of her and Grffin, reads:

“Earlier this week, Ms. Griffin released a controversial photograph of herself posing with a faux-bloody mask of Donald Trump’s face. Ms. Griffin and Ms. Bloom will explain the true motivation behind the image, and respond to the bullying from the Trump family she has endured.”

The press conference will held at 9 a.m. PDT at Bloom’s Woodland Hills office in Los Angeles.

As an established entertainer, Griffin has faced a backlash not seen since the Dixie Chicks insulted President George W. Bush at a London concert in 2003. Griffin has been fired from her annual New Year’s Eve gig with CNN and had many comedy shows on her schedule canceled by venues not wanting to be associated with her.

Bloom posted the press release to her Twitter account, saying, “Proud to announce that I represent Kathy Griffin. We will be holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Here’s the details.”

Bloom, said “I lover her too” in response to a commenter on Twitter who said, “I happen to love @kathygriffin. Witch hunts are exhausting. Brava, @LisaBloom.”

Griffin posted an apology video earlier in the week on Twitter that has garnered over 3 million views. Missing form her apology was one to President Trump and his family.


It has been reported that Trump’s youngest child, eleven-year-old Barron, saw the photo on TV and got very upset.

The Secret Service made a post on Twitter that has been interpreted as stating the agency is investigating Griffin, saying, “On it! @SecretService has a robust protective intelligence division that monitors open source reporting & social media to evaluate threats”, and “Threats made against @SecretService protectees receive the highest priority of all of our investigations. #ProtectionNeverRests”.

Bloom’s statement does not mention whether Griffin is being investigated.

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