Joe Scarborough’s New Anti-Trump, Anti-America Music Video is . . . Awfully Embarrassing (VIDEO)

‘Morning Joe’s’ Joe Scarborough released a new music video . . . needless to say, he’s not Elvis Costello or Nick Lowe . . .

The video – vehemently anti-Trump, anti-gun, and anti-America – was a propagandistic masterstroke with the dystopian, MTV-esque aesthetic to prove it.

The video shows Scarborough and his fiancée and co-host Mika Brzezinski sitting in a small room with a big screen as images of guns, nuclear bombs, murder, protests and more flash rapidly in “A Clockwork Orange”-esque fashion.

Other things that flash on the screen are a bit more pop-centric and have less to do with violence than they do with gluttony or overtly political things such as Steve Bannon, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, Putin, and President Trump.

Just watch it . . . if you want . . .

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