Joe Biden: I Knew Hillary Was Going to Lose One Month Before the Election

Deer Valley, Utah – Former Vice President Joe Biden was invited to an annual closed-door gathering hosted by RINO and loser, Mitt Romney on Friday.

Joe Biden reportedly told donors that he knew Hillary Clinton was doomed to lose the election one month before it took place. This is odd because according to Hillary Clinton and every poll in the mainstream media, she was winning the election up until Comey re-opened her email investigation one week before the election.

Via The New York Post:


Former Vice President Joe Biden reportedly told a group of donors on Friday evening that he knew Hillary Clinton was doomed to lose the election one month before it took place.

Biden was speaking to a closed-door gathering during an annual donor conference hosted by Mitt Romney, according to Politico.

Biden claimed that he knew Clinton was in trouble in the crucial battleground states based on his experience campaigning there during the two presidential races with President Obama.

Biden also encouraged Romney to run for the Senate.

The Politico reported:

During a closed-door appearance with Romney here on Friday evening, Biden said Romney should consider a Senate bid. The remark came during the second day of the E2 Summit, an annual Romney-hosted donor conference. Attendees were gathered to hear a dialogue between the two men, who were on opposite sides of the 2012 election.

Biden also weighed in on the 2016 race, offering criticism of Hillary Clinton’s performance. He told the group that he knew Clinton would lose key battleground states a month before Election Day, based on his assessment from having campaigned in those states.

This isn’t the first time that bitter Joe Biden has taken a swipe at Crooked Hillary Clinton. TGP recently reported that Biden attacked Hillary Clinton while he was speaking in Las Vegas:

While speaking at the SkyBridge Capital event in Vegas, Biden said, “I never thought she was the correct candidate. I thought I was the correct candidate,” a tweet from Fusion’s Hamilton Nolan asserts.

Mitt Romney and the GOP continue to prove that they are a part of the Deep State by rubbing elbows with people like Joe Biden. Biden was a part of the most corrupt administration in U.S. history. The Obama administration was an 8 year crime spree and members of the GOP should not be inviting him to speak at a donor event.



H/T: The Last Tradition

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