James T Hodgkinson’s Foster Daughter Killed Herself Amid Violent Household

As previously reported, TGP exclusively spoke with James T. Hodgkinson’s neighbor, Jake Borsch.

The man who shot Congressman Scalise and others, James T. Hodgkinson was a Bernie supporter who was obsessed with Trump-Russia conspiracy theories. He is now dead, however more information about his private life is coming to light.

In TGP’s exclusive interview with Hodgkinson’s neighbor, Jake Borsch, Hodgkinson was a very unstable man who had the police called on him numerous times for ‘rapid gunfire’.

Police showed up to Hodgkinson’s home after he allegedly shot at his daughter’s boyfriend’s feet and threatened him.


Borsch: ‘The police were called many times to his home, but they had no urgency, they didn’t take his threats or gunfire seriously. He didn’t lose his firearms license even after he shot at his daughter’s boyfriends feet.’

TGP: “Was he married? Did he live alone?”

Borsch: ‘He was married, but left his wife a couple months ago.’

Divorce papers had not been filed at the time, however; Hodgkinson relocated to Alexandria, VA a few months ago reportedly living in a car with one gym bag full of his belongings.

A report by the Belleville News-Democrat reveals that Hodgkinson’s 17-year-old foster daughter committed suicide in 1996. She doused herself in gasoline and set herself on fire after:

The Hodgkinsons’ foster daughter, Wanda “Ashley” Stock, killed herself at the age of 17 by dousing herself with gasoline and setting herself on fire inside her car on a rural road south of Belleville. The Hodgkinsons spoke to the News-Democrat at the time, saying they did not know what triggered a “very practical, level-headed girl” to kill herself. Later they discovered there had been a previous suicide attempt before Ashley came to live with them, and that hours before she completed her suicide, her boyfriend had broken up with her.

Hodgkinson adopted another girl named Cathy Putnam in 2002. BND also reported on the violence in the Hodgkinson household, corroborating TGP’s interview with the neighbor claiming he shot at one of his daughter’s boyfriends:

Cathy refused to leave a friend’s house. Hodgkinson grabbed Cathy by her hair and pulled her to the floor. Cathy and her female friend try to leave in a car, but Hodgkinson opened the car door, cut the ignition and used a pocketknife to cut the seat belt. When Cathy’s friend threatened to call police, he punched her in the face. When the boyfriend of Cathy’s friend went to Hodgkinson’s house to talk about the attack, Hodgkinson aimed a 12-gauge shotgun at his face. The boyfriend fled and Hodgkinson fired a shot behind him.

Hodgkinson had two battery charges and an aiding damage to a vehicle charge later dismissed.

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