ISIS Fighters Returning Home to Europe Complain They Are Having a Hard Time Getting Hired

As more Islamic State soldiers return back to Europe, they are finding that more and more people want nothing to do with them.

Why is Europe even letting these terrorists back in is the question.

The Swedish daily Expressen interviewed a large number of terrorists that returned back to Sweden after fighting for ISIS. A good amount of these fighters changed their names in order to rejoin society, but even this is difficult when trying to get hired as their faces are everywhere.

A 27-year-old man that used to go by Walad Yousef commented that he “just [wants] to forget everything” saying that he “[applies] for a lot of jobs”, but can’t get work because his pictures are out in the world for all to find.

The Daily Caller reports:

Another man refused to do an interview, saying he has “enough problems” since returning. Others said the purpose of their trip to Syria was to help civilians, despite leaked records obtained by Expressen indicating they joined the terror group.

“That’s very strange. Anyone can say they’re me,” a man listed as a soldier in leaked ISIS documents said. “I mean, it’s war. Maybe someone recommended me, I don’t know.”

The ones who pose the biggest threat to Europeans are unlikely to make it back, according to the defectors.

“If you’ve decided you want to fight, you won’t go back,” a 34-year-old man told the newspaper.

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