Hypocrite Jeremy Corbyn says he “Welcomes” the Cancellation of President Trump’s Visit to UK

Socialist politician, Jeremy Corbyn, says he “welcomes” the cancellation of President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

The leader of the UK’s Labour Party, Corbyn cited President Trump’s decision to withdraw the U.S from the Paris Accord and his “attack” on London Mayor Sadiq Khan as reason the President should not visit to the UK.


He tweeted this spiteful message early on Sunday:



Jeremy Corbyn leads the UK’s Labour Party and won 40 percent of the vote in the recent national elections. Mr. Corbyn is eager to take jabs at the president of the UK’s biggest alley, all the while calling Islamist militant groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, “friends” while in parliament in 2009.

“It will be my pleasure and honor to host an event in parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking … I’ve also invited our friends from Hamas to come and speak as well,”

Obviously Mr. Corbyn has his priorities backwards. Perhaps Mr. Corbyn, as a public servant, should be more interested in cooperating with the United States President and less interested in befriending violent Islamist groups, for the sake of his own country.


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