HORROR! Former North Korean Prisoner Otto Warmbier is in VEGETATIVE STATE – Will Likely NEVER WAKE UP

The North Korean regime released American Otto Warmbier after a year in captivity.

The US student suffered SEVERE BRAIN TISSUE DAMAGE while prisoner inside the regime.

Fox News medical correspondent and professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center Dr. Siegel says the long-term prognosis for the American college student released by North Korea is poor.

“It is very unlikely Otto Warmier will ever wake up.”

Secretary Tillerson said President Trump secured his release.

Otto Warmbier was in a coma for a year. He was flown home today.
He went into a coma shortly after his sentencing last year.


FOX News reported:

North Korea has released jailed U.S. university student Otto Warmbier, Secretary of State Tillerson said.

The 22-year-old Warmbier has served just over a year of his 15-year sentence — allegedly for taking down a sign of the dead dictator Kim Jong Il while Warmbier was in the country with a tour group.

The U.S. has no diplomatic relations in North Korea. Foreigners who have been detained or imprisoned in the Hermit Kingdom often have a shared experience: confusion, coached confessions, communication blackouts and isolation.

Warmbier’s release leaves three U.S. citizens currently known to be held in North Korea: accounting professor Kim Sang Duk, businessman Kim Dong Chul and Kim Hak-Song, who worked at Pyongyang University.

Doctores at US Health in Cincinnati gave a press conference this afternoon.

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