Hannity Eviscerates Very Fake News CNN: ‘They Have Lied About Me and Colluded With Hillary in 2016’

Wednesday, after Julian Assange suggested he would be starting a “weekly radio broadcast/podcast”, Sean Hannity invited him to host his show.

This Twitter exchange between Hannity and Assange prompted CNN to reach out to Assange for comment. As usual, CNN inaccurately reported Assange’s comments, so he immediately took to his Twitter account to correct the record.

Sean Hannity responded to Assange, attacking CNN, tweeting out to his nearly 2.5 million Twitter followers that CNN is very fake news.

Julian Assange was contacted by CNN after his Twitter exchange with Sean Hannity about possibly hosting his radio show. As usual, CNN inaccurately reported on their exchange with Assange, so he blasted them on his Twitter account showing what he told CNN in a direct message versus what they reported:



Sean Hannity quickly responded to Julian Assange saying, “Julian, CNN is very fake news and they have lied about me also. And you know more than anyone that CNN colluded with Hillary Clinton in 2016.”


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