Guns, Ammo, and Drugs Seized in German Anti-Terror Police Raid of Far-Right Paramilitary Camps

Guns, weapons, and drugs were among the items seized from a web of far-right extremist paramilitaries in the forests of Germany.

13 of the known suspects were part of the group and they included figures from an “internationally active right-wing movement”. Short and long-range guns, ammo, and various types of weaponry were discovered during a recent raid.

Police also discovered various far-right propaganda materials at 14 properties in Thuringia, Erfurt, and Göttingen in Lower Saxony.

Independent reports:

A spokesperson said the operation targeted a “criminal organisation” accused of setting up paramilitary training camps in the region’s forests, adding: “Some of the suspects are believed to be members of an internationally-active right-wing extremist movement, which aims to abolish the social and governmental order of Germany and other European states.”

The raids were coordinated by Germany’s GSG 9 counter-terror force, supported by police from six states. Authorities did not confirm whether the group was plotting an attack.

During the searches, a man who was not originally under investigation was arrested for attacking and injuring two officers.

Another suspect was arrested for using symbols of “unconstitutional organisations” – a phrase frequently used by Germany authorities to refer to Nazi-era memorabilia and symbols including the swastika.

Officials said the suspect found with “numerous” guns was believed to be a member of the so-called Reichsbürger movement, which claims the current German state is illegitimate and is alleged to have neo-Nazi links.

Police are now investigating whether to withdraw his firearms licence.

A Reichsbürger shot a police officer dead during a raid in Bavaria in October, shocking Germany and prompting a government crackdown on resurgent far-right groups.


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