Gateway Pundit Reporter Confronts Kathy Griffin On Her Promise to Harass 11 Year-Old Barron Trump (VIDEO)

Gateway Pundit Reporter Confronts Kathy Griffin on Her Attacks Against 11 Year-Old Barron Trump

Before the January Inauguration of President Trump far left activist promised to target 11 year-old Barron Trump.

Griffin intended to target Barron Trump.

Friday at her press conference in Los Angeles Gateway Pundit reporter confronted Griffin on her disgusting attacks on the president’s young son.

Her lawyer defended Griffin’s actions.
And Griffin admitted it was part of her act.


TGP Reporter: You said quote, “You wanted to go hard on Donald and go direct on Barron Trump.”

Kathy Griffin: Yeah, I said that. That’s part of my act.

TGP Reporter Gwylim McGrew: So you admitted you’re going after Barron Trump.

Griffin lashed out at the Trump family during her rant.

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